Back 2 Back – World Spine Day 2021

Rising pain levels mobilise chiropractors to urge residents in New South Wales to assess their spinal health

World Spine Day, a timely opportunity for those in New South Wales to take stock of their spinal wellbeing to ensure a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • Musculoskeletal pain is one of the top five disease burdens on Australians: Back pain is up there with lung cancer and heart disease as a leading cause of disease burden experienced by Australians.1
  • State lockdowns and reduced mobility have played havoc on the spinal health of those residing in New South Wales: Almost a third (31.6%) have suffered lower back pain and neck pain (28.8%) – with one in three (32.5%) stating they experienced their pain in the past 12 months.2
  • World Spine Day 2021 is a timely reminder for Australians to check in on their spinal health: Chiropractic care and other allied health professionals offer a range of clinical services which may be suitable for those looking to improve their spinal health.

Central Coast: This World Spine Day (16 October), the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) is encouraging all Australians to take action and address their spinal health and wellbeing, and seek professional help if needed.

The plea from chiropractors comes as new data reveals that musculoskeletal conditions are one of the leading health burdens in Australia, alongside cancer and cardiovascular diseases.1 This is perhaps unsurprising considering the high levels of pain in New South Wales with a third of residents revealing to have suffered lower back pain (31.6%) and neck pain (28.8%).2  What is worrying chiropractors, however, is that a third of those who claim to experience this pain state it occurred in the past 12 months.2

With state lockdowns, reduced mobility, and increased mental burdens Australians physical and mental health has taken a tumble and chiropractors are keen to help people get back on track.

Local chiropractor Dr’s Jacqueline Clarke and Naomi Hepplewhite at Sea and Sand Chiropractic revealed that working from home and the shift in lifestyle caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating the strain placed on spinal health. In the past 12 months Australians have given up hobbies, stopped exercising as much and have gained weight.2

“For those living with spinal pain, we know there can be a vicious cycle between their physical pain and an increased mental burden. The impact on quality of life can be immense, pain can cause loss of sleep, lack of concentration, reduced motivation and infiltrate all facets of life including relationships and general wellbeing. With almost a third of those in New South Wales (32.5%) stating that their health has worsened in the past year, we encourage people to seek help from a healthcare professional”.3 

Chiropractors want Australians to safeguard their quality of life and wellbeing by taking the time to assess their spinal health and any aches or pains they may be feeling and seek the appropriate care.

“Fitness, health and wellbeing does not need to be complicated or expensive. There are many things people can incorporate into their day-to-day routine that can improve their spinal health or assess if they need professional assistance. For example, these are three easy things people can incorporate into their daily life to help safeguard and improve their spinal health:

  1. Move more – take a walk and stretch each day
  2. Improve your posture and sit up tall at your desk
  3. Visit a Chiro to find out how we can help get your spinal health back on track

If you are concerned about your spinal health following months of lockdown and disrupted routine, consider visiting your local chiropractor to help you live your healthiest, most fulfilling life.

–     END     –

About the Australian Chiropractors Association

The Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) is the leading voice for chiropractors in Australia, actively working to further the profession of chiropractic through improving the health of all Australians.

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